Neighbor to Neighbor Afghan Refugee Support

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Neighbor to Neighbor Afghan Refugee Support

Loving our Neighbors...

For people of faith, Neighbors are not defined by proximity -- they are defined by love. Love that connects us to people that are different, people that are new, and people that need our hospitality. As you may be aware, we have recently welcomed over 7,000 refugees from Afghanistan into the Central District at Camp Atterbury. Union Chapel Indy is responding to our new neighbors' urgent needs by partnering with The Central District of United Methodist Church over the next two Sundays.

          - What's needed?

    • Diapers (all sizes)
    • Pull-Ups (all sizes)
    • Feminine Hygiene Products (no Tampons)
    • Modest Undergarments
    • Soccer Balls or Kick Balls
    • Hula Hoops
    • Jump Ropes
    • Sidewalk Chalk
    • Head Coverings (solid colors)

      If there is interest in donating, these items MUST BE NEW and clearly labeled. Any donated items must be brought to Union Chapel Indy by Sunday, September 19th for sorting and labeling. UCI Staff and volunteers will then transfer them to local collection sites for delivery to Camp Atterbury. 

      - Want to do more?

      In a recent communique, our Conference Superintendent, Rev. Dr. Aleze M. Fulbright, outlined the following important information and further helpful actions:


      • Team Rubicon and the American Red Cross are providing the lead for additional items and volunteer opportunities, and their information is listed below:



      Long Term Resettlement Possibilities:

      • Rev. Mary Dicken ( ) is working with a local organization, Exodus Refugee ( who is leading the charge regarding the long-term resettlement efforts for our new neighbors if they choose to remain among us. Please contact Rev. Dicken if you are interested in the ongoing support of these efforts.


      Other Points of Information as provided by Pastor Jason Hyer from Edinburgh UMC (Camp Atterbury is in Edinburgh):

      • 7,000 - the current number of Afghans currently housed at Camp Atterbury
      • Each person was vetted multiple times before arriving at this facility (these are Afghans that risked their lives to support Americans in their country as well as their families... they are not terrorists or Taliban)
      • Following a period of quarantine and vaccinations, they are free to leave the base, but if they choose this option, they lose all of their benefits.
      • Currently, a small city has been erected with schools, hospital, dining halls, housing, and recreational facilities.
      • Benefits offered to these new Americans are English language classes, cultural familiarization classes, job training, and other educational topics.
      • Currently, you cannot volunteer to serve on the actual base with the refugees, but you can serve at Team Rubicon's warehouse just off base.
      • There is a company that has been contracted by the government to feed these refugees and the soldiers serving these efforts. They are paying $20-$45 an hour to be food servers. Here is their contact information if anyone wants to serve while also getting paid: Search for Atterbury to apply. You can also follow up with an email and phone call. email   or call: 303-402-1526

      Friends, this is what we know right now. As you can imagine, there are many moving parts, and we are doing our best to ensure you are informed and provided means for you to engage. We invite you to be in prayer for our new neighbors, our military personnel at Camp Atterbury, and the host of volunteers that are serving amidst language barriers.

      May the Light and Love of Christ be seen and shown through all of our efforts and support!



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